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Fare estimates

The estimate is a rough approximation of how much a ride will cost. This tool found in the Fasten app allows the rider to have an idea of what the fare may be. The pre-ride estimate takes into account the average time and distance it would take to get to a destination. During your ride, if you change your destination, make multiple stops, or attempt to abuse the Fasten platform, we may cancel the fare quote and charge you a variable fare based on the time and distance of your ride.


It does not take into account current promotions, traffic, road blockages or tolls* so the actual amount may vary.


*For more information on tolls, please read over our toll policy.


Payments for rides are calculated based on these factors:


Ride type: different ride types (e.g., Four Seat, Six Seat) have different base fares. Click here to see your region's ride types and their base fares.


Base Fare: the amount the ride starts at
Ride Fee: added to each ride charge
Distance: total miles traveled
Time: total minutes traveled
Tips, Tolls, and other fees (if applicable)

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