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Fasten has made it easy for riders to tip, so all the little things you do to make every ride great can be rewarded. And because 100% of the tips go to you, that can add up to something big. Check your Weekly Earnings to see your tip total and enjoy, you deserve it.


Tips for Tips: Keys to Success

  • Once the rider is in your vehicle  - ask for their name to ensure you got the right person. To begin the trip, it’s good to say, “Hello, how are you?” Asking for a preferred route and pleasant air temperature is helpful as well. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask if their seatbelt is fastened!
  • While driving, refrain from eating or drinking/talking on the phone – always pay 100% of your attention to the road and the rider.
  • Always treat the rider with politeness, maintain a professional manner, and avoid inappropriate conversation.
  • If there’s a navigational error, apologize and simply pause the ride until the route is corrected.
  • If asked to make multiple stops, request the rider to enter in the new destination upon each stop.
  • If accused of taking a longer route to increase the fare, stay professional and apologize, even if the rider is wrong. Ask for their suggestions and remain cordial to complete the ride.
  • Go the extra mile: offer wrapped candies and/or bottled water, open their doors, and help with bags at the end of the trip.

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