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Cleaning fee

In the case of any event that requires a cleaning fee; a driver MUST submit a request for a cleaning fee within 24 hours of the completed trip. The request must include at least 2 images of the incident INCLUDING a picture of the the incident and a wide shot picture that shows the entire seating area. After a cleaning fee request has been submitted, a Fasten representative will contact the driver to address compensation.

To request a cleaning fee, follow these step-by-step instructions:


  1. Open the Fasten driver app.
  2. Open the Menu options. Click on Statistics.
  3. Find the trip that caused the need for a cleaning fee, click on it, then tap "Report a Problem."
  4. The Fasten driver app will ask you to choose the kind of problem you have. Choose Request a Cleaning Fee.
  5. Write any comments you have regarding the trip.
  6. Attach the photos you have of the incident.
  7. Click SEND.

Cleaning fee compensation WILL NOT be granted without proper images included in the request.

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