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Cancellation fees

Sometimes riders must cancel. To protect you from wasting your time and losing a fare, Fasten drivers are eligible for a $5 cancellation fee when one of the following cancellation criteria is met:

  1. A rider cancels after 5 minutes.
  2. A rider is not at the pick up location and you are unable to reach them.

Please know that it's always best to call the rider before cancelling, since they might just be late running out of the door. You'll probably make more money completing the ride as opposed to cancelling for $5, so it's in your own best interest to double check if they are coming or not. If you can't get ahold of them or they don't need a ride anymore, then press Cancel and get the $5 refund.


Once you've tapped "Arrived" at the pick-up location, you'll want to wait for the blue AND the orange meters to fill up entirely (that is, you need to wait until the 5-minute complimentary waiting period is over). After that, it's okay for you to press the orange Cancel button for your $5 cancellation refund.


Please note that if for any reason the original ETA increases more than 50%, the rider is eligible for a free cancellation.

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