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Arrival and pick-up


In the event of a technical malfunction, we recommend that you navigate to the rider's destination like normal. Keep in mind the pick-up address, drop-off address, and the length of the trip. Then, send a message to driver support with this important information so you can get paid the proper amount for this trip.


If the trip is recorded in your driver app, but did not calculate correctly,  you should request a fare review instead. Here are step-by-step instructions to figure out how to do so:


1. Open the Fasten driver app.

2. Open the Menu options. Click on Statistics.

3. Find the trip that did not calculate correctly, click on it, then tap "Report a Problem."

4. The Fasten driver app will ask you to choose the kind of problem you have. Choose Request a Fare Review.

5. Write any comments you have regarding the trip.

6. Scroll down to the bottom and click SEND.


As a friendly reminder, here is the proper procedure when taking requests on Available Mode. After you swipe accept a request, click 'Navigate'. Your Fasten driver app allows you to choose a preferred navigation app, however, you can still switch between them as needed. The rider will see your car icon moving towards them on the map along with the remaining wait time. If you get held back by traffic or any circumstance that are out of your control, you can contact your passenger via built in chat or give them a call. To do so - simply click ‘Menu’ and choose your contact option.


Once you've arrived to the pick up location  - click ‘Arrived’ but make sure not to start the ride until the passenger is in the car. Try reaching out to your rider if you can’t locate them. You will earn a cancellation fee if  the rider doesn’t show up or cancels on you past the 5 minute wait time.


In cases where drivers do not tap the buttons "Arrived" or "Start Trip,” on account of user error, we are unable to make adjustments to the fare since we are required to have GPS data for any trip in which a driver is transporting a passenger for safety and financial purposes.

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