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Acceptance rate

To calculate your acceptance rate, we take all of the requests you completed while being online on the platform and divide them by all the ride requests you were offered. A completed request is a successful passenger drop-off and any trips marked as a rider “No Show”. Please note that rider cancellations are not counted against your acceptance rate while requests cancelled by drivers will count against their acceptance rate.


Example: (Weekly Acceptance Rate)


You complete 45 rides driving with Fasten, you skip 2 requests, have 1 rider “No Show,” and you cancel 1 ride. The 45 completed rides along with 1 “No Show” gives you 46 completed requests for the week. The 2 skips and 1 driver cancellation indicates that you received 49 total offered requests. Your acceptance rate for the week will come to 94% — 46 completed requests out of a total 49 offered to you.


Missed Request or Technical Issue?


We realize that from time to time you won’t be able to accept a ride request from a Fasten passenger. For instance, when you see a request coming from a location you can’t easily access or when you are about to switch to ‘Unavailable’ mode to take a break. We always recommend going offline if you need some time to rest or if you’re not ready to travel to certain locations for a pick-up. If you miss a request due to a technical issue within the Fasten platform, it will not be held against your acceptance rate. If you miss a request because your phone seems to be experiencing issues due to poor connectivity, outdated software/app version, or some unknown reason, try some of the following troubleshooting techniques:

  • Close all apps that you’re not using
  • Update your device’s software
  • Restart your device
  • Toggle “Airplane Mode” on and off
  • Delete/Reinstall the Fasten Driver app to ensure it's the latest version
  • Check your device’s notification settings


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