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Weekly unlimited driving

Weekly Rewards Plan

The Weekly Rewards Plan is the best plan for drivers who spend more than 30 hours a week on the road!  Because the more rides you complete – the less Fasten takes.

How do I make the most money with the Weekly Rewards Plan?

To make the most money with the Weekly Rewards Plan, follow these guidelines:

  1. First, sign up for it! Open your driver app, and click on the drop down screen for Payment Plans. From there, you can choose the Weekly Rewards Plan, which goes into effect on the next pay period.
  2. Have a weekly completion rate of 90% or higher. Select any requests you wish without penalty for not accepting. However, we do penalize for accepting a request, then canceling before onset of the late rider cancellation fee.
  3. Completion Rate Formula: Completed rides + Rider cancellations + Rider “No Shows” / Rides Accepted

When are the benefits of the Weekly Rewards Plan applied?

In order to know how many total rides you completed, we wait until the end of the pay period to calculate how much extra money you keep. That means you will see the benefits of the Weekly Rewards Plan when payments finalize on Sunday night.

How much are the weekly per ride fees with Weekly Rewards?

  • Complete < 60 rides/week, pay $60 (This plan is not for you if you do not complete 60 rides per week)
  • Complete 60-79 rides/week, pay only $50 ($0.63/ride - $0.83/ride)
  • Complete 80-99 rides/week, pay only $40 ($0.40/ride - $0.51/ride)
  • Complete 100+ rides/week, pay $0 ($0.00/ride)

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