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Guarantee requirements

Guarantees are great, but do require some planning on you part. In order to qualify for the minimum hourly guarantees, you must:

  • Sign up for no more than 6 Guarantee Hours per day.
  • Be available OR on a ride for at least 50 minutes of the hour.
  • Take ALL incoming ride requests (including those from outside the guarantee zone) during the hour.
  • Be on a ride ANYWHERE OR stay within the boundaries of the specified guarantee zone while waiting for incoming ride requests.
  • Start driving towards your riders' pick up location as soon as you accept the incoming ride request.
  • Follow the Navigation route towards you riders' pick up location.
  • Do NOT cancel ANY rides during the hour.
  • Do NOT ask your riders to cancel rides.
  • Complete at least 1 ride per hour.
  • If you meet all of the above, you will receive no less than the minimum hourly guarantee amount offered for each hour you select. If you happen to earn more than the minimum hourly guarantee amount, you will receive your actual earnings instead.

If you are unable to meet minimum hourly guarantee requirements as outlined above,  you will still be paid for any rides you provide during that hour. E.g. You select a $35 minimum hourly guarantee from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. At 5:35pm you receive a call and are unable to continue driving. All of your earnings between 5:00pm and 5:35pm will still be added to your total earnings for the day. However, you will not qualify for the minimum hourly guarantee.

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