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Application process

Applying to drive for Fasten is simple, and there are two ways you can do it.

  1. Go to, and fill out your application on the web
  2. Apply from directly within the Fasten app. From the main menu located in the upper left corner of the app, go to the About section and then select Be A Driver. This will take you directly to the web application.

To begin the application process, you will need to provide your email address, create a password, the city where you would be driving, and a driver's referral code if you have one.

You must then complete three sections: Profile, Cars, and Trainings.


This is all of the information about you, including legal name, address, and driver’s license information. You will also need to provide a current photo of yourself. Just you, no one else, and not your cat. You can take a photo right from the app. It is imperative that this be taken straight on (no profile shots) and that you should not be wearing a hat. Your profile photo will also be what riders see when they request a ride.


In this section, you will fill out all the information about any car you will be using when you drive for Fasten. You must provide your license plate number, documentation for your registration and car insurance, and include multiple photos of the interior and exterior of your car.

In-app training

As part of the application process, you will need to watch 14 short training videos. These videos will teach you more about Fasten’s general policies and operations. After each video, you will answer 2–3 questions about content you just viewed. Every question must be answered correctly before you can move on to the next video. (Don’t worry—this entire section should take you no longer than 25–30 minutes.)  

Now what happens?

After you submit your completed application, we will need 2–3 business days to review it and process your background check. A member of the Fasten Driver Team will reach out to you if anything needs additional clarification or updating. Once everything has been reviewed, you will receive a message from Fasten letting you know if you have been activated to drive.

You've been waiting a long time but my profile is still under review.

There could be a few reasons such as: incomplete profile, waiting for a review from a Fasten member, pending background check, waiting for approval. To facilitate the process, please make sure to check your email and fix any items that are requested by members of the Fasten team.

Some parts of my profile are still yellow and you don't know why.

Yellow means that it has not been reviewed by a member by the Fasten team yet. Hang tight and we will review your profile shortly!

What do color signs mean in the profile?

  • yellow means profile has not been review yet
  • red mean correction needed
  • green means information has been approved

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